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Hydraulic Systems/Lube Oil Systems

Shown below are five different samples of oil taken from a system at various stages, to give you an idea of what can be achieved through this process

sample 1

The first sample here is heavily contaminated mostly metallic with some silica and a few rust particles. According to the ISO Cleanliness Code it is at a rating of 22/20

sample 2

This sample is at a rating of 17/15 on the ISO Cleanliness Code. The visible contaminants include silica, metallic and rust particles.

sample 3

This one is almost clean visually and is at a rating of 15/13. The contamination is mostly metallic with very few silica particles.

sample 5

This sample is completely free of visible particles. We can clean your system down to a any level you require.

We commonly remove numerous pounds of particles and contamination from hydraulic systems. Debris particles can come from various sources.

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