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How clean is your machinery lubrication?

How clean is your machinery lubrication?

Picture this: You grab yourself a cup of water. This is a pretty simple action, right? For us, yes. However, the path our drinking water takes to get to our faucet is a long and complex process. 

The journey that water takes to get to our glass or bottle includes a large industrial facility, then pumps push it through pipes that were installed years ago flowing into the pipes in our houses and apartment buildings and finally into our glass (hopefully through a filter)! Each of these steps in the process have the potential to have some level of particulate or low levels of contamination. Keeping contaminants out of our water helps keep those contaminants from entering our body. Clean water equals a healthy body. 

What exactly does our clean drinking water have to do with lubrication cleanliness?

When it comes to machinery; whether its our vehicles, the large equipment on the highway for construction projects, or the power generating plants that provide us electricity, the lubricant in those machines is very much like that water. It must travel from a refinery to a blending facility to a distribution warehouse, in and out of trucks traveling on the road, into a storage facility or tank before finally making it into the equipment. Every step of the way it is picking up contaminants like dust, debris or even water.  Just like we need clean water for our health, we need clean oil to keep equipment healthy.  

To keep your equipment healthy its important to understand how the contaminants that come in your new oil can impact the life and reliability of your equipment. Particulate contamination in lubricants is the leading cause of component wear and failures in hydraulics and other lubricated components. Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) recognize this and make cleanliness recommendations for operating conditions in their machines to ensure their customers receive the optimal life from the equipment. 

Remember, new does not equal clean. 

The RelaDyne Solution

RelaDyne’s PetroClean Lubricants program works with our customers to provide oil that is filtered to meet or exceed OEM recommendations while maintaining the integrity of the lubricant. We are dedicated to providing you with a Clean Lubricant that is the Correct Lubricant for your application. Contact us today for a Cleanliness Evaluation to see how implementing a PetroClean Lubricants program can impact your equipment reliability and your bottom line.

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