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ALLFLEET (Commercial)

ALLFLEET (Commercial)

ALLFLEET (Commercial)


Trusted Technology with Value-based Pricing

The ALLFLEET brand goes beyond a broad product offering of heavy duty engine oils. Customers can take advantage of an extensive warranty, as well as a Fluid Analysis Program to ensure top product performance.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Our API-licensed, ISO-certified diesel exhaust fluid is available through end-to-end logistics with equipment solutions including closed-loop handling and bulk capabilities.

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RelaDyne Fluid Analysis Program

Perform fluid analysis management with powerful, easy-to-use, online reporting. Optimize drain intervals, reduce maintenance and repair costs, as well as ensure the maximum life from your major components with this analysis tool.

ALLFLEET Heavy Duty Engine Warranty

Sign up to for 10 year or 600,000 mile engine protection by using ALLFLEET Heavy Duty Engine Oil in your on-road equipment. The ALLFLEET Liquid Armor HD Engine Oil Warranty covers 16 vehicle engine parts and is completely transferrable.

Noteable Commercial Services

Lubrication equipment and repair
Optimized maintenance schedule
Oil sample analysis
DEF equipment installation
Extended drain consultation

Maintenance budget analysis
Synthetic analysis
Video check / engine diagnostics
Microbial fuel analysis
Fuel efficiencies

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