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RelaDyne is revolutionizing the elevator maintenance industry using our patented Varnish Mitigation process to eliminate and prevent elevator failure before or when it happens. Using a comprehensive oil analysis and other useful diagnostics, RelaDyne uncovers the exact source of hydraulic elevator component underperformance or failure and delivers a long-term solution for optimal elevator life and performance.

Symptoms of Elevator Failure

Elevator component failure usually starts with a specific performance issue that tends to spiral into complete failure if left untreated. If you oversee elevator maintenance for your organization, you should be on the lookout for the following symptoms associated with elevator component failure due to poor condition of the oil:

  • Odor: Odor is an obvious indication that something is wrong with the oil in the hydraulic components.  These odors can be described as skunk, burnt food, rotten eggs, roadkill, almonds, and chemical odors.
  • Leveling: Leveling is the accuracy of an elevator car coming to a stop in line with the intended floor’s walking surface. When an elevator is having leveling issues, the elevator stops improperly with the floor causing misalignment.
  • Transition Speed: When the elevator comes to a hard stop, stops between floors, fails to hold its position, stalls with large loads, up-speeds leveling too rough or too smooth, or shows signs of other related symptoms, the elevator is experiencing transition problems.

Testing for Elevator Failure

When performance begins to decline with an elevator component, the first step is to diagnose the source of the issue. The system’s oil is tested for values of viscosity, water, particle count, acidity, and Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC). Based on the results of these tests, our engineers can conclusively pinpoint the cause of system underperformance or failure and implement our equipment saving varnish mitigation process.

When elevator failure is uncovered, RelaDyne responds by removing the harmful contaminations causing system varnish.

Alternatively, RelaDyne greatly advises all elevator maintenance teams to do routine testing of your system’s oil to proactively treat various degradation and oxidation risk factors before performance begins to decline.

Ready to take control of your elevator problems? Call RelaDyne today to find out how our testing capabilities and varnish mitigation process can greatly extend the life and performance of your systems.

Other Elevator Offerings

As you take advantage of our reliability services for your elevators, we can ensure the performance of your components with our premium selection of oils and greases. From hydraulic oils to gear greases, we have what you need to not only run your elevator systems but prevent operational breakdowns as well.

See Our Brands for a list of top brands we offer. 

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