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Preventative, Predictive, Emergency Processes to Protect Your Systems

Nuclear operations are expensive and sensitive. RelaDyne offers a large portfolio of products formulated for long equipment service life. With the extreme environments of nuclear operations in mind, we offer higher-performance products to ensure proper equipment efficiency.

Investment into these high-performance products, we guarantee you unparalleled cost savings on long drain intervals and little to no downtime. Your partnership with RelaDyne will skyrocket your productivity and profitability.

Nuclear industry performance measures emphasize the importance of safety and dependable products for nuclear power plants. Our extensive product offering of hydraulic and turbine oils ensures constant productivity and operational efficiency for the unique needs of the nuclear industry. Our products meet Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) requirements for optimal machinery operations as well as other important industry specifications.

Nuclear Reliability

The importance of your nuclear operations is two-fold. Not only do you need the right products, but your need a partnership of services to respond and proactively prevent common problems experienced by your types of equipment. In response, our reliability experts deliver preventative maintenance services in conjunction with fluids to provide operational bliss in every aspect of your business. Our suite of services includes machinery inspection, flushing services, oil analysis and purification technologies, varnish elimination techniques, tank monitoring systems, and more to continuously add value and productivity to your operations.

Choose RelaDyne to support your nuclear operations and you will have a true partner dedicated to the profitability and performance of your business.  

Services in Detail

High Velocity Lube Oil Flushing (HVOF)

HVOF can help you meet stringent cleanliness levels for your lube oil circulating systems (steam or gas turbines, compressors, stationary engines, etc.) during routine maintenance, turnarounds, new equipment commissioning, emergency or catastrophic failures.

Nuclear Power Services

TFC provides resources, solutions, and innovative technology to support the life cycle of nuclear power facilities, from start-up to shut down and turnaround schedules.

Varnish Mitigation Process

TFC specializes in proprietary kidney loop oil processing technology that removes harmful system varnish from lubrication systems without equipment downtime. The process, Varnish Mitigation, has been uniquely developed to remove oil varnish and system varnish in a holistic fashion to bring long-term varnish solutions to customers.

Heat Transfer System Flushing

Ensure your heat transfer systems perform at their optimal levels with Heat Transfer System Flushing, a process used to effectively clean contaminants from systems so your equipment runs more efficiently.

Paper Machine Bearing and Return Line Flushing

Reduce maintenance intervals and increase productivity with a hot oil flush of individual bearings and related piping fixtures. This flush will reduce oil line contamination, oxidation deposits, wear and other issues that cause excessive leakage and decreased bearing life.

Compressor Flushing

TFC has been servicing compressor units of all sizes in the petrochemical and gas transmission industries as well as other industrial facilities. Equipped with a vast amount of resources to deliver superior results for your unique needs, you can count on TFC’s expertise and unparalleled track record to deliver fast, reliable results.

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