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Petrochemical operations are a delicate balance. We know that production relies on every piece of equipment running cohesively for reliable production. RelaDyne's comprehensive offering of industrial lubricants address this need with products that can withstand extreme temperatures, high production volume, and long service intervals. These products are formulated to extend your maintenance intervals while still enabling you to hit your production targets and avoid unexpected downtime. 

RelaDyne's portfolio of compressor and turbine oils, gear and hydraulic oils, industrial greases, and natural gas engine oils and coolants surpass your every need.

In addition to the products you require on a daily basis, RelaDyne's reliability experts deliver preventative maintenance services in conjunction with fluids to provide operational bliss in every aspect of your business. Through Reliability Services, we offer machinery inspection, oil analysis and purification technologies, varnish elimination techniques, and more to continuously add value and productivity to your operations.

In-Plant Services

RelaDyne's lubrication specialists, including outage and turnaround specialists, are ready to help assess, design, implement, and manage a world-class lubrication excellence program for you and your facility. Based on your needs and objectives, the specialist team can assist you with everything from design and initial lubrication project implementation to on-site inspections by trained and certified lubrication technicians. Services include:

  • Contamination control
  • Emergency water and particulate removal services
  • Initial fill services
  • Oil system preventative maintenance
  • Reclamation equipment rentals

Preventative Maintenance

Regular inspection and cleaning of all types of oil systems is required to combat wear, oxidation, and the build-up of foreign particles. Depending on your specific application, operating temperatures, and environment, recommended service intervals can range from three to five years.

To ensure the reliability of your equipment for the long haul, RelaDyne can develop a lubrication excellence program customized for your facility that takes care of oil system inspections, cleaning, and lubricant purification. Results include reduced lubrication-related failures that capture real-time cost savings and increase your production.

Initial Fill Services

RelaDyne provides initial fill filtration services for new equipment installation. New equipment can be contaminated with particles left over from its manufacturing or introduced during the installation process. Performing oil filtration upon initial installation can significantly reduce the contamination in your oil circulation systems and related piping.

Reclamation Equipment Rentals

If facility shut-down is not practical (or possible) in your circumstance, RelaDyne offers a variety of purification and filtration skids for rental. These reclamation equipment rentals allow you to continue operating while simultaneously addressing areas of contamination.

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