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Clarus, part of RelaDyne Reliability Services, was acquired by RelaDyne in January 2019. Clarus is a leader in fluid system maintenance and is the primary supplier of these technical services to the US Navy and Coast Guard for more than 20 years.

Clarus, based in Bellingham, Washington, is focused on improving existing fluid reprocessing technologies while creating innovative solutions to new challenges within the industry. Reprocessing services include restoring oil products to “better than new” condition. These services are performed at a cost much lower than purchasing new oil products while also avoiding disruptions in a customer’s normal shop practices.

Clarus designs‚ builds and deploys equipment specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges faced in the flushing of marine diesel engines and a wide variety of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems worldwide. Clarus created the Comprehensive Monitored Flush® (CMF) specifically for this purpose, now recognized throughout the industry as the gold standard.

Comprehensive Monitored Flush® (CMF)

The CMF rig is comprised of two customized 20-foot ConEx containers‚ a module for flushing and a support module. When required‚ our activation structure enables fast-track mobilization of equipment‚ supplies and technical personnel globally on extremely short notice. Many of our CMF rigs are designed for a variety of transport requirements to be deployed and fully functioning onsite within hours.


  • Clarus maintains equipment resources‚ including on-site and real-time oil analysis equipment.
  • All needed equipment is in place in forward deployed locations from Japan to Hawaii and at three fully-staffed operations in Norfolk‚ VA, San Diego‚ CA, and Bellingham‚ WA.
  • 60+ highly-skilled and trained specialists dedicated to delivering advanced flushing services.
  • Project are led by a project manager with overall responsibility for the operation‚ including technical‚ logistical and financial support for the project.

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