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COT-PURITECH, part of RelaDyne Reliability Services, was acquired by RelaDyne in January 2019. COT-PURITECH provides system flushing for critical industrial equipment components. Invest in our COT-PURITECH service to avoid premature wear and failures due to contamination and maintain productivity and protecting equipment.

COT-PURITECH Flushing Services are designed with the needs of your operations in mind. Through our High Velocity Oil System Flushing (HVOF), we strive to reduce unscheduled downtime‚ decrease component and lubrication expenses‚ increase manpower availability by lowering maintenance requirements‚ increase equipment reliability and establish more effective maintenance control.

Notable Services

  • High Velocity Oil System Flushing – Dislodges stuck contaminants from gas or steam turbines‚ compressors and stationary engines.
  • Varnish Removal – Removes sludge and carbon buildup from stationary engines‚ gas or steam turbines and compressors.
  • Heat Transfer System Flushing - Removes oxidation and carbon contamination from your equipment for process industries including chemical‚ asphalt‚ rubber‚ plastics plants and paper mills.
  • Gas Engine Oil System Flushing - Removes carbon deposits to improve reliability
  • Paper Machine, Bearing Return Line Flush - Remove contamination and blockages in lubrication lines associated with paper machine bearings via COT-PURITECH purpose-built flushing equipment.

Benefits of COT-PURITECH Flush Services from Beginning to End

  • Assist in establishing inspection requirements for lubricant performance and quality assurance
  • Establish flush plans
  • Verify flush paths and jumper installation
  • Set up high velocity flush equipment
  • Complete system flushing and related elements
  • Inspect flush screens‚ filters and bags
  • Gather key baseline and related performance data for documentation
  • Monitor system improvements
  • Document the service summary and return on investment for management review
  • Provide a Service Summary that:
    • Details the steps completed
    • Documents performance improvement
    • Supports additional engineering recommendations to enhance system reliability

RelaDyne Reliability Services can achieve your goals through our comprehensive flushing services. We strive to meet outage‚ turnaround and production schedules for less disruption to your business.

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