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LSC, part of RelaDyne Reliability Services, was acquired by RelaDyne in January 2019. LSC provides equipment solutions, including LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication System and ThermoJet®.  Invest in our LSC equipment solutions services to maintain proper fluid levels and purifying equipment’s’ industrial lubricants.

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LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication

LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication is a line of centralized lubrication systems that use compressed air to produce a clean mixture of low-pressure‚ atomized lubricated oil in precise amounts to maintain the health of machinery bearings and rotating equipment.

Available in eight different models, almost every lubrication system need is met. By installing an Oil Mist Lubrication System, immediate results can be seen, including improved reliability and availability of process equipment.

LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication Machinery Models

  • IVT – designed for large-scale‚ fully-automated oil mist systems for process units requiring maximum control and monitoring and an interface with DCS. Microprocessor controlled‚ available in hot and cold weather packages. Up to 933-bearing-inch capacity.
  • JR – intermediate system lubrication protection with auto-fill and a minimum external DCS‚ electromechanical control. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity.
  • VFP –lubrication for oil mist systems with very few lubrication points with manual lubrication fill. Unit offers alarms for high/low mist pressure and low oil level. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity.
  • VO – versatile‚ intermediate system that provides manual control and monitoring. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity
  • VM – basic oil mist generation for small‚ centralized systems. Up to 300-inch-bearing capacity.
  • LubriMate – designed for isolated or stored equipment. Requires no electricity. A closed loop oil mist lubrication system‚ requires no refilling.
  • NV – fills critical needs of reliability and control for intermediate‚ multi-port systems in non-hazardous locations. Full monitoring with a six-gallon reserve. Up to 1‚000-bearing-inch capacity.


  • Increases plant operational reliability by increasing the reliability of the equipment.
  • Automation reduces exposure to toxic vapours (H2S, HF, Hydrocarbons, etc.) and reduces risks of accidents in plants by reducing routine lubrication and maintenance.
  • The dissipation of heat through the continuous mist lubricant flow, substantially reduces the necessity of cooling water in bearing housings.
  • Excellent Elasto-Hydro-Dynamic (EHD) Lubrication.
  • Reduction in friction coefficients.
  • Reduced operating temperatures by 15% or more.
  • Reduced lubricant consumption.
  • ISO Cleanliness code 17/15/12 or better.
  • Reduced seal failures caused by vibration.


ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers provide an advanced and effective method of purifying industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils and similar fluids. Using the principal of air/gas stripping, ThermoJet® removes contaminants such as dissolved gases, light hydrocarbons and water to return lubricants to like-new condition without any impact on the oil’s additives or properties.

ThermoJet® is a proprietary, patented technology that provides purification to levels that cannot be achieved with competing oil purification technologies. ThermoJet® is effective on a wide range of oils and viscosities (ISO 32-460) and delivers an environmentally clean discharge that meets EPA standards.


  • Increases customer machinery reliability, reducing failure due to poor lubricant condition.
  • Removes all forms of water to below 10 ppm. Properly maintained oil, with water contamination below 100 ppm, will eliminate corrosion, rust and sludge, significantly reducing filter replacement.
  • Eliminates the need for oil changes by maintaining “like-new” oil.
  • Eliminates the need for new oil purchases and reduces oil inventories.
  • Reduces particulate contamination through integrated filtration.
  • Delivers greater reliability compared to vacuum dehydration and other technologies; ThermoJet® is virtually maintenance-free due to mechanical simplicity and few moving parts.
  • Minimizes utility requirements; only electrical power required for water removal, or a nitrogen supply for degassing.

∧ LubriMate Oil Mist Lubrication System

∧ ThermoJet® Oil Purifier System

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