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Proper storage and handling of your critical fluids with RelaDyne's PetroQuip services will improve equipment life and lower operating costs.

Equipment is a critical component of an effective lubrication program. RelaDyne has extensive experience in the use of equipment related to lubrication in industrial operations. RelaDyne's PetroQuip services include specifically engineered equipment for PetroClean services, lubricant and fuel storage and dispensing equipment, proper diesel exhaust fluid equipment that prevents contamination, and other products designed to promote reliability. RelaDyne specializes in the design, manufacturing, rental and sale of all types of lubrication equipment.

PetroQuip Services Include:

Equipment Sales & Rentals

In instances where a longer or more continual solution is needed for reliability services like oil filtration, vacuum dehydration and Varnish Mitigation, RelaDyne offers equipment rental to meet our customer's needs. Equipment rental includes maintenance and service contracts to ensure that the complicated process of maintaining this specialized equipment is performed competently and consistently to maximize the effectiveness of the equipment deployed.

Lube Equipment Design & Installation

The proper storage and dispensing of lubricants is important to your daily operations - it can prevent unnecessary costs and increase operating profits. Whether it is lube equipment in an industrial plant, commercial garage, or automotive quick lube, RelaDyne specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining lubricant storage and dispensing systems.

Fuel Equipment Design & Installation

The management of fuel and fuel inventories plays an increasingly significant role in the profitable operations of businesses. RelaDyne is an expert in the design, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of fuel storage and management systems that provide safe dispensing, accurate accounting, and high levels of security.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a highly sensitive product that can be easily contaminated, resulting in costly repairs and/or replacements of emission equipment. RelaDyne has the experience and expertise in working with DEF to knowledgeably design and install closed-loop storage and handling systems that prevent contamination.

∧ RelaDyne offers closed-loop storage capabilities for diesel exhaust fluid.

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