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Vacuum Dehydration

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RelaDyne's Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification safely and efficiently removes contaminants to keep your systems running via regular maintenance intervals. Our large fleet of portable units include vacuum dehydrators and centrifugal separators with explosion-proof electronic controls capable for use in large and small applications.

Your vacuum dehydration equipment is essential to your business. Water and gas contamination can cause extreme damage to bearings and hydraulics as well as become a safety concern when hydrocarbons are saturated in the oil. Up to 75% of mechanical failure can be attributed to particulate or water contamination in oil. Preventing contaminants from getting into the oil allows the oil to operate effectively and increases the overall reliability of your equipment.

Our onsite purification methods ensure minimal to no downtime to service your machinery. Our process eliminates costly bleeds and feeds and the chance for catastrophic components failures because of contaminants.

Vacuum Dehydrator Maintenance Program

RelaDyne offers Service and Ongoing Maintenance for your vacuum dehydration equipment to keep them operating at a new-like levels. The flexibility of our maintenance program gives you the choice of various service intervals that suit your needs. 

  • Complete system maintenance
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Consumable examination
  • Operation efficiency checks
  • Lube oil analysis testing
  • On-going tracking of system maintenance and performance

Benefits of our Program

  • On-Site Purification
  • Large Fleet of Rental Units
  • New Units
  • Routine Scheduled Maintenance
  • 24-Hour Service

Contact RelaDyne today for more information on how our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification and Maintenance Programs can add value to your business.

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