Clarus Fluid Intelligence

Clarus Fluid Intelligence

Tank Cleaning/Fluid Recycling

Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing System

The Tornado is a state-of-the-art tank cleaning and fuel polishing system that uses three stages of filtration, high volume flow rates and variable speed to create a new standard in tank cleaning.

Three Stages of Filtration:

1. Gross Particulate removal:

The tornado features a proprietary duplex bag filter assembly that removes particulate down to 10 micron in size. This duplex system allows for continuous tank cleaning with its alternative chamber flow configuration. One chamber is always in use while the other is being changed out.

2. Fine Particulate Removal:

The second stage is a high capacity filter element that filters down to 4 micron. At this level of ultra-fine filtration, particulate and even the micro-organisms are filtered out.

3. Water Removal:

The Tornado’s final stage of filtration removes water using a coalescer/separator filter combination that removes 99%+ of water from fuel at a rate of 15gpm. This filter combination meets the API 1581 standard and is the same water removal process used for reducing military aircraft and the commercial airliners you fly on.

TOR-1 Model Tornado:
Clarus Tornado
EF-2 Model Tornado:

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