SICELUB, part of RelaDyne Reliability Services, was acquired by RelaDyne in January 2019. Established in 1988, SICELUB, with LUBRITECH, provides specialty flushing services and preventative maintenance as well as control lubrication equipment. SICELUB services and maintenance processes improve customers’ reliability‚ availability and maintenance of their equipment.

With locations in Mexico City, Latin America and the Caribbean, SICELUB serves many industries including Oil & Gas‚ Power Generation‚ Steel‚ Cement‚ Pulp & Paper‚ and Mining industries.

Notable Services

  • Oil Mist Lubrication – A centralized lubrication system that generates, conveys and automatically delivers lubricant to machinery bearings.
  • High Velocity Oil Flushing Services – Solution to clean lubrication systems, seal, control and hydraulic systems of critical equipment.
  • Oil Purification – Solution for the conservation and conditioning of industrial fluids including lubricant, dielectric and hydraulic oils, combustibles, and vegetable Oils. Eliminates free, dissolved and emulsified water, solids, varnish and entrained gasses.
  • Oil Analysis – A process of identifying oil contaminants to then implement process of purification.
  • Lube Oil Systems – A centralized system for oil to serve the routine needs of equipment
  • Grease Systems – A centralized system for grease to serve the routine needs of equipment
  • Lubricant Distribution Systems – The automation and centralization of the lubrication process of critical equipment to reduce energy consumption, operating risks, and maintenance and operation costs.

Our SICELUB solutions are designed to increase the production and energy efficiency of process plants by improving current and traditional preventative maintenance practices.

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