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Chemical Cleaning

RelaDyne is taking the Drydene brand nationwide!

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Chemical Cleaning

The only lubrication and industrial chemical cleaning resource that delivers the breadth of services and overall on-site commitment to keep your facility operating.

The RelaDyne Reliability Services team is comprised of expertly trained and certified professionals that will work with you to assess your operation and implement best practices for lubrication and industrial chemical cleaning. RelaDyne Reliability Services becomes part of your team and offers best-in-class technology for services in the petrochemical‚ refining‚ utility, and processing industries:

  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Decommissioning Cleaning
  • Chemical Flushing
  • Chemical Circulation
  • Pre-commissioning Cleaning
  • Pre-operational Cleaning

What is Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical Cleaning is a specialty process that uses acids and passivation agents to remove corrosion and rust from the internals of new and old piping. This process is used to prepare metal surfaces prior to a high velocity oil flush and can drastically reduce flushing times on old or poorly maintained systems.

RelaDyne Reliability Services can perform this service at any point – before, during, or after equipment operation. Reach out today to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you run more reliably.

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Metal Coupon Before Chemical Cleaning

Metal Coupon After Chemical Cleaning

Service Highlights:

RelaDyne has pioneered and performs a new generation chemical cleaning process. Our process ensures all fluid wetted surfaces are chemically treated and prepared for reliable equipment start-up. Our Reliability Services team utilizes high velocity, safe chemistry and is more environmentally friendly versus conventional methods.

  • Returns corroded metal to like-new finish
  • Shortens flushing times on old and corroded systems
  • Developed with stainless steel systems and pumps
  • Managed by professional project managers
  • Turnkey process includes:
    • Degreasing of system
    • Acid flushing
    • System passivation
    • Neutralization

Prevent the Chain Reaction of Wear

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RelaDyne is taking the Drydene brand nationwide!

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