Waste Stream Management

Waste Stream Management

Minimize liability through proper management of your waste streams with RelaDyne's waste stream management services.

Do you Know the Proper Ways to Dispose of Oil?

It is important to regularly change oil in order to keep your engines running strong and efficiently, but did you know it is just as important to dispose of used oil safely? Improper disposal of used oil can pollute the land, rivers, lakes, and groundwater, as well as damage local water treatment plants. Dumping used oil on the ground has the potential to pollute underground water sources and is extremely difficult to clean up.
Do Not’s of Oil Disposal
  • Do not dump your used oil directly on the ground.
  • Avoid dumping your used oil down a street or storm drain. Most storm drains lead directly to a waterway.
  • Steer clear of burning used oil in a burn barrel.
  • Don’t burn used oil from vehicles or any machine in an oil fired space heater at your home or establishment. This can cause problems with the equipment and create a fire hazard.
  • Never use used oil to kill weeds on your property or to control dust on drives or roadways.

Under today’s complex and tough laws surrounding environmental and Superfund liabilities, RelaDyne is a leader in the proper handling and disposal of used oil, filter, and antifreeze collection and recycling. Our designated truck fleet, testing, indemnification process and insurance minimize our customer’s total liability.

How Is Used Oil Handled and Recycled?

To develop new “base oil,” re-refining utilizes vacuum distillation to remove impurities such as fuel, water, and soil or dirt from used oil. Oil is combined with a new mixture of additives including dispersants, detergents, and anti-foaming agents to recover the oil’s original state. Oil may be recovered, recycled, and reused many times after it has been utilized. Recycled used oil can occasionally be used again for the same job or for a completely different job.
Check out the variety of waste stream management service RelaDyne provides and how they can help your business.
RelaDyne is your one-stop, cradle-to-grave supplier by offering:
  • Used oil collection
  • Antifreeze collection and recycling
  • Filter collection and disposal

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