Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

In an industry where production never stops, you need dependable products to keep your equipment running at 100 percent at all times.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a prevalent industrial method for mass-producing items composed of metal, glass, rubber, or plastic in large quantities. The process consists of injecting molten material into a firm mold and allowing it to cool to a solid state. The most common injection molding is the production of plastic components known as plastic injection molding.
It is extremely important to keep your molding machines healthy and problem free, that is where we can help.

RelaDyne’s portfolio of industrial grade products are designed to meet and exceed your equipment needs for 24/7 operation.

Above all, we offer a range of products for all manufacturing equipment to reduce buildup of harmful sludge and negative impacts on production. Our RelaTECH brand formulates effective oils and greases at desirable prices so that you can maximize your equipment performance and value of your dollar.

We understand that Injection Molding and keeping your machines operational not only affects your business, but our world. Many of the products many of us need for daily life come from the injection molding process. Therefore, we are committed to helping you reduce downtime, and stay running.

See below some of our recommended products and services. Reach out to start today!

Recommended Products:

  • Circulating oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Gear oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial greases
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Natural gas engine oils & coolants

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