Partner with RelaDyne and ensure complete operating reliability and efficiency throughout the life of your aviation operations.

From critical engine components to the wheel wells of your aircraft, strict guidelines regarding maintenance and operations means you need the utmost reliability of your equipment.  However, dependable reliability services for your operations aren’t a matter of just performance alone. Obviously, the safety of the aircraft is crucial as well.

We understand the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations that are in place. Therefore, we kept this in mind when creating our products. We offer a portfolio of hydraulic fluids, lubricants, greases, and fuel products that meet and exceed these strict standards. You can stress less knowing you are being compliant with regulations from the start.

Mother Nature and everyday operations can wreak havoc on aircraft components. Damage from these operations can cause costly repairs, if not managed. Accordingly, our products feature high temperature stability, rust protection, and more. We ensure that our products operate flawlessly in both extreme and routine conditions.  In addition, they are long-lasting, so your aircrafts operate efficiently and economically at all times. 

Our suite of Reliability Services are created to develop a robust solution for your expansive aviation needs. On the ground or in the air, rely on us. Partner our premium, long-lasting products with our preventive services, and experience ultimate reliability and performance of your aviation equipment.

Brands Offered:


Eastman Aviation Solutions offers a wide package of industry-leading products that you can trust. These include turbo oils, hydraulic fluids, and cleaning solvents with the support you need to get off the ground and stay in the air. With every can or bottle, you also receive proven performance, reliable supply, and expert technology support.

AeroShell manufactures and distributes aircraft fuels and lubricants in addition to providing clients with aviation reliability services. Airports and airlines, both large and small, as well as individual clients such as corporate jet operators and flying clubs, are among our valued customer.

Phillips 66 has a complete spectrum of FAA-approved aviation lubricants, including premium single and multi-viscosity engine oils along with hydraulic fluids. Through takeoff and landing as well as break-in and overhaul, our aviation products deliver superior protection in all situations.

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