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From oil mist systems to vacuum dehydration units, we have what you need to meet the demands of a successful facility.

LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication

LubriMist Model IVT

LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication Systems offer you the best of two worlds – fast return on investment and a greener‚ cleaner facility.

Over 2‚000 LubriMist® Oil Mist lubrication systems are in use around the globe in refinery‚ petrochemical and chemical processing applications. These oil mist systems are effective at points up to 600 feet or 180 meters‚ via piping and tubing. Using no moving parts‚ up to 60 pumps and drivers can be lubricated with a single system.

These efficient‚ centralized lubrication systems use compressed air to produce a clean mixture of low-pressure‚ atomized lubricated oil in precise amounts to ensure the integrity of machinery bearings and rotating equipment.

Available in eight different models meaning virtually every lubrication system need is met. Whether large-scale‚ fully automated systems up to one-thousand bearing-inch capacities, intermediate systems, small‚ centralized systems, or even isolated equipment – there’s a LubriMist® oil mist lubrication model to meet your needs.

  • IVT– designed for large-scale‚ fully-automated oil mist systems for process units requiring maximum control and monitoring and an interface with DCS. Microprocessor controlled‚ available in hot and cold weather packages. Up to 933-bearing-inch capacity.
  • JR– intermediate system lubrication protection with auto-fill and a minimum external DCS‚ electromechanical control. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity.
  • VFP–lubrication for oil mist systems with very few lubrication points with manual lubrication fill. Unit offers alarms for high/low mist pressure and low oil level. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity.
  • VO– versatile‚ intermediate system that provides manual control and monitoring. Up to 500-bearing-inch capacity.
  • VM– basic oil mist generation for small‚ centralized systems. Up to 300-inch-bearing capacity.
  • LubriMate– designed for isolated or stored equipment. Requires no electricity. A closed loop oil mist lubrication system‚ requires no refilling.
  • NV– fills critical needs of reliability and control for intermediate‚ multi-port systems in non-hazardous locations. Full monitoring with a six-gallon reserve. Up to 1‚000-bearing-inch capacity.

ThermoJet® Oil Purifier

ThermoJet G3700

As one of the most advanced‚ effective methods of purifying industrial lubricants‚ hydraulic oils and similar fluids‚ ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers are a key element in our quest to keep your facility up and running.

ThermoJet® is a proprietary‚ patented technology that uses the principle of air/gas stripping to remove contaminants such as dissolved gases‚ light hydrocarbons and particulates from facility lubricants. It returns oil to like-new condition with zero impact on additives or properties.  It is effective on a wide range of oils and viscosities from ISO 32 – 220.

H Series

The H Series utilizes air to dehydrate lube oils and operates effectively on all three phases of water: free‚ emulsified and dissolved. Lubricant with a water content of 1‚000 ppm can be improved to less than 100 ppm within 8-10 passes of oil through the unit.

The H Series is available in two capacities:

  • Model 2000 has a flow rate of 180 gallons per hour‚ and removes one gallon of water per hour from contaminated lube oil (20 gallons per day)‚ depending on how “wet” the oil is.
  • Model 4000 has a flow rate of 550 gallons per hour and removes three gallons of water per hour.

The G Series provides degassing services for seal oils. It utilizes nitrogen to effectively remove dissolved light hydrocarbon gases such as propane and hydrogen‚ restoring the oil’s flash point to like-new levels.

Oil Filtration with ISOPur™

ISOPur equipment imageFiltering lubricant system contaminants to levels unattainable through conventional or centrifugal systems‚ ISOPur™ Balanced Charge Lubrication Purification protects against sludge and varnish buildup in high-performance‚ mission-critical equipment.

ISOPur’s patented technology – Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA™) – introduces current into the lubricant. Positive and negative charged particles as small as .01 microns are created within the fluid‚ which itself remains neutral as a non-conducting fluid. The charged particles attract each other, forming larger particles that are captured and removed via standard filtration. It also works effectively to prevent and remove varnish from internal components of steam and gas turbines‚ and compressors.


  • Prevention of catastrophic failure
  • Lubricant life extension
  • Reduction in plant maintenance

Mistlock™ Bearing Lubrication

Mistlock bearing lubrication

The Mistlock™ Bearing Lubrication System is a breakthrough in oil mist lubrication for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers‚ (ACHEs).

MistLock™ provides all the benefits of oil mist to ACHEs and eliminates 100 percent of stray mist that could potentially foul heat transfer characteristics. Before MistLock™‚ the only alternative was grease. But high temperature operation of fans supported by these bearings led to lubricant breakdown‚ and bearing failure was a common result. Maintenance was often delayed or ignored‚ as these devices were typically located in hard-to-reach locations.

The MistLock™ Bearing cartridge eliminates these problems. It offers a single‚ automated bearing lubrication method – a clean‚ cool and continuous oil mist that provides even coating for all bearing surfaces. This completely-sealed‚ closed-loop environment accommodates up to 20 degrees of axial and parallel shaft misalignment. That means no need for shims.

The patent-pending design of the MistLock™ Bearing Lubrication system also provides a safeguard against failure due to extreme forces exerted on bearings from the shaft’s axial thermal expansion. The bearing housing provides positive pressure for the oil mist‚ external contaminants cannot enter – and that guards against bearing failure.

Centralized Grease Systems

Centralized Dual Line System

RelaDyne Reliability Services offers integrated automated and control solutions widely used in critical rotating equipment for modernizing conventional or traditional manual lubrication practices in order to increase the yield and reliability of production in a sustainable way. Typical projects have a less than two-year return on investment for added value.

Types of Systems

  • Dual Line Lubrication Systems
  • Single Line Lubrication Systems

Benefits of Centralized Grease Systems

  • Significant savings in lubricant consumption
  • Better utilization of direct manual labor
  • Reduction in bearing failures
  • Less time required for lubricant changing and inspection
  • Less programmed maintenance

SDL Lubricant Distribution Systems

SDL Lubricant Distribution System

In many industries‚ rotating equipment requires large amounts of lubricant to be supplied on a regular basis in order to optimize equipment life. By centralizing lubricant distribution‚ our SDL® Lubricant Distribution Systems control the cleanliness and automatic distribution of lubricant to each equipment reservoir‚ metering quality lubricant at the right time‚ in the right quantity.


  • Increased personnel safety by eliminating the handling of lubricants
  • Prevention of critical equipment failure due to lack of lubricant or mixing of incompatible lubricants
  • Automation of lubrication
  • Real-time equipment lubricant level readings
  • Control consumption and cleanliness of lubricant being supplied
  • Supply of correct lubricant by promotion of best practices for storage

Vacuum Dehydration Unit

Vacuum Dehydration Unit

For immediate water removal in lubricants‚ we offer vacuum dehydration equipment and services onsite. Our best-in-class vacuum dehydration units are also available for rent.

The Reliability Services VDUs utilize a vacuum dehydration process to remove free water‚ emulsified water and dissolved water from oil‚ as well as fine particulates and gases. These systems are self-contained‚ skid mounted and offer a P.L.C. controlled full status control panel for a fully automatic operation. Standard VDUs are offered as stationary and portable for continuous or periodic attachment to an oil system.

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