Varnish Mitigation

Varnish Mitigation

Varnish Removal

Clean your system through the removal of harmful varnish buildup with RelaDyne Reliability Services

Varnish Removal Process

The process of varnish removal is approached using detergent based cleaners, heat and rinse oil. Typically, a detergent/dispersant chemical is put into the oil and circulated for 24-36 hours to dissolve varnish materials. The system is also heated during this process. After the chemical is circulated, the system is drained while the oil is hot. We would then add a sacrificial rinse oil into the system to remove all chemical residue. The rinse usually takes 4-6 hours. The final step is to add the final fill oil to the system and operate the system with kidney loop filtration/dehydration to reach the appropriate ISO cleanliness code.

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