Solve Hydraulic Elevator Failure using RelaDyne’s Patented Varnish Mitigation Process

It is extremely important to maintain the health of your elevator. Elevators are highly complicated devices with numerous parts and sophisticated electronic components. Elevators, despite their complexity, are dependable machines. In a well-maintained business or residential setting, an elevator will generally have 0.5–2 breakdowns each year, whereas industrial elevators will have 2-4 breakdowns per year. An average 20,000 passengers use an elevator over a single year and it is vital that it’s users are safe.

RelaDyne is transforming the elevator maintenance industry using our patented Varnish Mitigation process. We use this process to eliminate and prevent elevator failure before or when it happens. Through a comprehensive oil analysis and other useful diagnostics, RelaDyne uncovers the source of hydraulic elevator component underperformance or failure. Then, our experts deliver a long-term solution for optimal elevator life and performance.

Our Main Priority is to Keep your Elevators Safe and Reliable.

  • 24/7 Sensor and Condition Monitoring using text and email notifications
  • Real Time Oil Analysis through Sensor Technology
  • Measuring and Mitigating Oil Degradation to prevent Elevator Leveling Issues

What is Varnish?

Varnish is the accumulation of deposits on the interior workings of lubricating and hydraulic oil systems (produced when oil degrades). Varnish has become a serious concern throughout the industrial world as a result of the growing pressure imposed on equipment and the industry’s tendency toward predominantly Group II base oils.

RelaDyne’s Varnish Mitigation Process

To eliminate hazardous varnish from lubricating systems, RelaDyne has created a patented kidney-loop oil processing technique. The technique was created specifically to remove lubricating oil varnish and system varnish with little downtime and production loss. This patented technique targets varnish at its source, allowing our clients to keep working without interruption.

Varnish Mitigation in Action

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