Defense & Maritime

Defense & Maritime

Service through war and peace requires one constant – your ships and equipment must perform at all times, regardless of the conditions. in the Defense & Maritime sector, mission-critical is your way of life.

RelaDyne Reliability Services understands the challenges you face. Whether your application requires an engineered pump‚ a customized solution or turn-key products‚ we can meet your needs. From the flight deck to the engine room‚ from the superstructure to gun turrets‚ our products and expertise perform 24/7.

Mechanical failure of a fluid system can cost tens of thousands of dollars per day.  A fast, highly capable response must bring the lubrication system back to a service-ready condition. Clarus Fluid Intelligence (CFI) is the leader in fluid system maintenance.  Additionally, we are the primary defense and maritime supplier of these services to the US Navy and Coast Guard.

We mobilize to perform a fluid system clean and flush when a failure occurs. CFI restores the lubrication system to a high level of operational cleanliness. As a result, we prevent additional failure caused by residual contamination.

Clarus Fluid Intelligence created the Comprehensive Monitored Flush ® (CMF) is recognized as the gold standard in the industry. We continually innovate and use a sometimes less-than-conventional approach to ensure success through the eyes of our customers.

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