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Fluid Filtration and Purification in Offshore Applications

Contamination is the leading cause of fluid failure. Typically, drummed oil does not have high enough cleanliness ratings for tight tolerances. Especially, in critical tolerance applications such as hydraulic valve spools and turbine components in offshore/ marine markets. Consequently, this lack of necessary cleanliness can lead to premature wear and failures to your most essential parts and equipment.

RelaDyne Reliability Services division offers Fluid Filtration and Purification processes that clean your oil and decontaminate your systems by removing harmful impurities.

Advantages to this process include:
  • No used oil disposal
  • Crane is still operable during process
  • Limited environmental risk exposure
  • Entire hydraulic system is cleaned

The process uses a super-dehydrated depth type media filter that measures 1 micron. For reference, a human hair measures 50-70 microns. The filter does not channel like traditional pleated filters but is self-loading, meaning the more debris it picks up, the more efficient it filters. Additionally, it will not rupture causing contaminants to bypass the filtration process.

Oil Before and After Purification Process

Reliability Services

Chemical cleaning‚ water removal and lubrication services for commissioning of marine equipment is all completed with our easy to localize modular skids to meet your OEM and safety specifications.

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