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RelaDyne is a Certified Master Distributor for Ergon®

RelaDyne partners with Ergon® through our Custom Blending division. Accordingly, we help to blend and provide the below products to Ergon® customers. These products are available in totes, drums, as well as, pails package sizes.

  • Marketers
  • Transformer Repair Co
  • Utility Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Refineries

Electrical insulating oil / transformer oil for power and distribution transformers, along with, switchgears and circuit breakers.

  • Marketers
  • Rubber Compounders
  • Adhesive Companies

Rubber Compounding, Automotive & Industrial Hoses, Dedusting, Plasticizer, Titanium Dioxide Wash, Adhesives, Carpet Backing, Feed Stock for White Oil, Diluents and Carriers, Carbon Black, Banbury Dust Stop, Defoamers, Sealants, Belts & Hoses, Coatings, and Leather Tanning.

Also, oils such as Tire Oils, Compressor Wash Oils, Agriculture Oils, and Hydraulic Fracturing Oil.

  • Marketers
  • Manufacturer

Metalworking, Industrial Lubes, Grease manufacturing, Bar & Chain, Carriers & Diluents. As well as, Hydraulic, Gear and Heavy Duty Engine Oils.

  • Marketers
  • Ink Manufacturer

Pigments, Printing Inks

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