Clarus Fluid Intelligence

Clarus Fluid Intelligence


When a fluid system failure occurs or when a fluid system is impacted by a mechanical failure, the negative impact to operations can routinely run into tens of thousands of dollars per day.  In these situations, a fast and highly capable response is required to bring the affected lubrication system to a service-ready condition.  Clarus Fluid Intelligence (CFI) is the leader in fluid system maintenance and is the primary supplier of these services to the US Navy and Coast Guard.

When a lubrication or hydraulic failure occurs, and as maintenance teams work on the mechanical repairs, CFI mobilizes to respond to the fluid system cleaning and flushing typically sequenced at the conclusion of mechanical repair. It is important that the fluid system is restored to a high level of operational cleanliness to prevent a follow-on failure from residual contamination resulting from the original casualty.

Clarus Fluid Intelligence created the Comprehensive Monitored Flush ® (CMF), which is recognized as the gold standard throughout the industry. Our history and reputation are a testament to these core values and are reinforced by the actions of Clarus personnel with every project. Constant technological development, original thought, and an occasionally less-than-conventional approach continue to define Clarus today and into the future, ensuring success through the eyes of our customers.

Fast Track Mobilization

Clarus crew with marine and navy defense maritime
Along with Marine and Navy personnel, Clarus crew members board a US Navy LCAC Hovercraft with flushing equipment for transfer to USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) offshore on the Red Sea near Al-Aqaba, Jordan - July 2010

Clarus has built its model for success on “fire-engine-ready” job deployment capability. If required, our activation structure enables fast-track mobilization of equipment, supplies and technical personnel globally on extremely short notice. Clarus’s experienced technicians and knowledgeable Project Managers have proven this on a regular basis. Many of our CMF Rigs are designed for intermodal transport and can be deployed on-site and be fully functioning within hours. An example of a recent emergent project was the need for Clarus CMF services on the USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) in Al-Aqaba, Jordan. In July 2010, the Navy arranged flights on Air Force C-17’s to get the equipment to the Red Sea site quickly. One week later, the project flushing the Main Propulsion Diesel Engine (MPDE) on the ship was successfully completed and the ship resumed deployment.

Flushing Services

Clarus maintains equipment resources (including on-site and real-time Oil Analysis equipment) staged in forward deployed locations from Japan to Hawaii, and at the three fully-staffed facilities in Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; and Bellingham, WA.

Clarus designs, builds, and currently deploys equipment specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges faced in the flushing of marine diesel engines and a wide variety of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems The CMF Rig is comprised of two customized 20-foot ConEx containers, a module for flushing, and a support module.

Clarus flush rig
View from the inside of a Clarus Flush Rig IV

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