Custom Blending

Custom Blending





  • 184,000 Sq. Ft facility with designated Custom Blending operations
  • 170 Bulk Storage tanks totaling a storage capacity of over 1 Million gallons
  • Rail access off the Chicago UP line
  • 5 bulk grease tanks with 215,000 lbs. of capacity
  • 20 blend tanks with 40,000 gallons of blending capacity (capable of increasing another 60,000 gallons if needed)
  • State-of-the-art drum and pail packaging lines on forecast for 2020
RelaDyne warehouse


  • Dedicated RelaDyne Custom Blending support team including customer service, packaging, and pricing
  • Our team is committed to providing confidentiality for our customers. Confidentiality has always been, and will continue to be, a promise to our partners. This commitment allows us to work together to make sure that both you and your customers get the right fluids.

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