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A RelaDyne Company since March 2019
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In March 2019, RelaDyne purchased the Jasper, Alabama based company, Jasper Oil.  This acquisition builds upon RelaDyne’s strong geographic density in Alabama.

Jasper Oil was founded in 1967 in Jasper, Alabama. Founded with a focus on gasoline products, both diesel and refined, Jasper Oil now provides a full line of petroleum-based products ranging from lubricants and oils to hydraulics and both on-road and off-road fuels.

Jasper Oil provides all petroleum based products needed for mining operations. Jasper Oil also provides products and services to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Jasper Oil’s primary product lines include Citgo, Pure Guard, and Mystik Lubricants. We also provide private label brands for many of our customers.

The sale of Jasper Oil is in line with our corporate strategy of divesting non-core assets, but more importantly the strategic merits of the combination with RelaDyne is a true win-win scenario for our operations and our incredible team of employees.

John Coffey, Chief Administrative Officer of Jasper Oil

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