Richard Oil

Petroleum Assessment

Fuel and Oil Analysis, Petroleum Products Testing and Program Improvement

Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company takes pride in providing you with Louisiana’s best petroleum products distribution and supply services. But we don’t stop there …

As part of our ongoing effort to help you improve the performance of your business and its equipment, when you partner with Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company we offer the industry’s most in-depth Petroleum Assessment. Over the course of this comprehensive evaluation, our team of knowledgeable Petroleum Pros examines every aspect of your petroleum products program, including:

  • Industrial, Commercial and Fleet Survey — Measures the historical usage patterns of every vehicle in your entire fleet through fuel tracking and oil sampling.
  • Lubricant and Engine Oil Analysis — Determines the best possible petroleum products for your equipment, helping you extend drain intervals, consolidate inventory, reduce maintenance and extend equipment life.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — Assesses the cost of your current maintenance program, identifies gaps and demonstrates opportunities for reducing your overall program costs.
  • ROI Projections & Recommendations — Demonstrates how changes to your oil and fuel management program could impact performance, protect your equipment investment and benefit your bottom line.

Based on the results of your Petroleum Assessment, we build out a usage, delivery and supply strategy that meets all of your business goals, equipment requirements and performance expectations.

By addressing the top five most common oil and fuel distribution frustrations (Pricing, Ordering, Maintenance, Emergency Fees and Availability) Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company’s Petroleum Assessment helps keep your business running smoothly.

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