Richard Oil

Pricing Assurance

Wholesale Fuel Pricing and Cost Management Solutions

It’s no secret that the petroleum industry is subject to drastic and sometimes sudden fluctuations in price and that makes planning your gasoline and diesel fuel costs difficult.

Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company’s Pricing Assurance program helps you manage your fuel budgets by locking in diesel or gasoline wholesale prices for a predetermined volume or period of time.

Whatever your wholesale fuel needs may be, the Petroleum Pros provide you with a quote based on one fixed price per gallon. When fuel prices rise above that level, you don’t have to worry about your bottom line taking a hit.

Here are some of the standard wholesale fuel pricing contract models available from Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company:
  • Fixed Forward Contracts
  • Fixed Forward With A Rebate Contracts
  • Maximum Price Contracts
  • (Based On Cash) Enhanced Price Contracts
  • Basis Contracts
  • Collar Contracts
  • Price Discount With A Floor Contracts

With customized wholesale fuel pricing models available, no matter what your wholesale fuel supply needs are, you can rest assured knowing that your profits are protected against market fluctuations.

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