Richard Oil


Oil and Fuel Inventory Management & Planning

Nothing hurts your bottom line like equipment downtime. When you run out of the critical petroleum products that your business needs to run smoothly, productivity goes down and you lose revenue.

Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company’s RapidFill oil, lubricant and fuel inventory management program is designed to ensure that the petroleum products you need are always close at hand.

Based on the results of your comprehensive Petroleum Assessment, the Petroleum Pros calculate the precise oil and fuel requirements and rates of consumption for your business. We then map out a proactive fuel inventory planning, distribution and supply schedule designed to keep our warehouse continuously stocked with your key petroleum products.

We then schedule automatic restock reminders and delivery inquiries based on your current inventory and historic consumption levels. When those levels change in response to increased demand, we adjust your proactive lubricant and fuel management program accordingly.

As part of our Pricing Assurance service, we carefully monitor your fuel and lubricant levels while keeping a close eye on market trends and patterns in order to provide you with best-time-to-buy recommendations.

When you partner with Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company for help managing your fuel inventory and lubricant supply chain, you’ll never have to wait around for the critical petroleum products that keep your business running smoothly.

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