Richard Oil

The Petroleum Pros

Your Oil and Fuel Management Experts

At Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company, we understand how important the performance of your equipment is to the success of your business. That’s why we’ve assembled the region’s most knowledgeable petroleum products experts to offer you an unparalleled oil and fuel management resource.

When you partner with Richard Oil and Fuel, a RelaDyne Company for your lubricant and fuel distribution, our dedicated team of Petroleum Pros conduct an in-depth Petroleum Assessment to help you improve performance and extend the life of your equipment.

Based on the results of that comprehensive assessment, your dedicated Petroleum Pro offers:
  • Fuel and lubricant product consolidation solutions
  • Tank and equipment quality control guidance
  • Environmental protection best practices
  • Oil and fuel purchasing & cost management recommendations
  • Inventory and tank management solutions
  • Customized oil and fuel distribution services
  • Plus a lot more…

In addition to the areas of expertise listed above, the Petroleum Pros provide strategic oversight of your entire oil and fuel management program. From our Ready-To-Go fleet fueling and RapidFill inventory management solutions to our Pricing Assurance and Successful Buyer Programs, the Petroleum Pros are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your petroleum products supply and distribution performs beyond expectations.

In fact, we’re so committed to your complete satisfaction that we survey select clients on an on-going basis.

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