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3 ALLFLEET Products & Services That Can Protect Your Equipment Investment

3 ALLFLEET Products & Services That Can Protect Your Equipment Investment

As a fleet owner, construction manager, or another leadership position in a business running many types of vehicles and equipment, it’s important to use the best products possible to maintain them. With many pieces of equipment that are essential to running your business, you can’t afford to have any lapse in performance or downtime. Our ALLFLEET portfolio of products can take your maintenance program to the next level in ensuring you preserve your hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment to millions of dollars of equipment. Check out these five ALLFLEET offered products and services that can protect your equipment investment:

  1. ALLFLEET Engine Warranty: Protect your equipment by using our ALLFLEET Heavy Duty Engine Oils and you are eligible to sign up for the ALLFLEET Engine Warranty. With this 10-year, 600,000 mile warranty, up to 16 engine parts are covered  throughout their critical role in your business. 
  2. Heavy Duty Engine Oils: ALLFLEET offers high quality full synthetic and synthetic blend heavy duty engine oils to optimize the performance and protection of your equipment engines. Our oils are API-Certified and when used at the OEM recommended drain intervals, your engine will stay free of harmful deposits and other problems associated with subpar heavy duty engine oil. Using our ALLFLEET heavy duty engine oils will protect your engines performance to ensure a productive fleet of equipment for a long time. 
  3. ALLFLEET Fluid Analysis Program: Our ALLFLEET Fluid Analysis Program is an online preventative maintenance program that enables you to perform reporting on the health of your fluid to optimize drain intervals. This not only helps you keep up with your maintenance schedule, but this analysis program will inevitably help protect your equipment from unexpected downtime and repair costs. 

Your equipment is the blood within your company, without proper performing equipment, you cannot possibly be productive and profitable.  Are your trucks not producing adequate horsepower due to poor combustion? Are you interested in gaining a 2 to 4 percent increase on your overall fuel mileage? If you can answer yes to any of these questions or more regarding improving your equipment performance, you need to invest in the ALLFLEET program. For more information, contact us today by filling out the form, here. 

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