3 Tips for an Organized Quick Lube Bay

3 Tips for an Organized Quick Lube Bay

3 Tips for an Organized Bay

Finding your quick lube bay area a mess of product? Organizing and properly storing fluids such as motor oils, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, etc. plus ancillary products can be a hassle. Packaging is bulky and even messy. Organization is key to keeping your bay clean and easy to navigate and work around. The problem is, who has time to spend consistently organizing all the inventory you hold for daily operations?

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks we can offer to ease the burden:

  1. Label your inventory. Not only are you storing lots of lubricant, but ancillary products, which are smaller and packaged more intricately, can be a major hassle to organize properly. By labeling shelves and keeping a strict system of where to seek certain products, your techs and management will be able to find product quickly and take inventory in just moments for re-order purposes.
  2. Invest in a lube rack. By buying your lubricants in bulk packaging, such as drums or an even storage friendlier way, Quick Cube packaging, you can eliminate time and effort with each oil or related fluid change. This packaging type delivers oil in bags that are placed within a rack friendly box with a spout. This enables easy access and less mess during pour. RelaDyne offers this type of packaging, learn more here.
  3. Provide ample recycling and trash receptacles. The packaging of many products used in your bay will build up quite the pile of garbage and recycling materials. By having a designated repository, rather than allowing materials to be tossed to the side until later, you will keep your bays cleaner and more organized in the long run. Plus, if you figure out recycling opportunities ahead of time, you can sort them as they are used, meaning no time strictly dedicated to the task. This is not only a great way to help the environment, but also make some money back on your recyclable materials!

Organizing and keeping a quick lube bay area in tip top shape is probably no one’s full time job at your facility. By instituting policies and best practices, you can ensure that all your employees are doing their part to accomplish an organized environment that will sustain smooth operations!

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