April Aviation

April Aviation

Fasten your seat belts, we are talking April Aviation!  

We know aircraft operations require the utmost reliability of equipment to operate efficiently and economically at all times. Choose a brand with products you can rely on. Whether you need a leading high-performance oil, better engine health, reliable performance across a wide temperature range, advanced APU performance, or an oil formulated specifically for helicopters, we know there are many choices. It is important to start with innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability. Work with an industry leader that understands your need to operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. On the ground or in the air, rely on RelaDyne Aviation Solutions. Partner our premium, long-lasting products with our preventive services, and experience ultimate reliability and performance of your aviation equipment.

Start with the following brands:

  • Eastman Aviation Solutions: Offers a wide package of industry-leading products that you can trust.
  • AeroShell: Manufactures and distributes aircraft fuels and lubricants in addition to providing clients with aviation reliability services.
  • Chevron: Provides high quality aviation fuel and gasoline through resellers to this sector.
  • Phillips 66: Offers a complete spectrum of FAA-approved aviation lubricants, including premium single and multi-viscosity engine oils along with hydraulic fluids.

AeroShell Aviation Lubricants

Be it aircraft piston engine oils, jet oils, greases or hydraulic fluids, AeroShell is one of the most comprehensive and proven ranges of aircraft lubricant products. The AeroShell range has been trusted for generations and used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide. AeroShell Continues to Fly High:
  • AeroShell Grease 33 is back in stock! The Best Way to Keep Rust Away. Formulated to reduce corrosion and rust, this grease not only helps extend component life but also reduces maintenance costs.
  • AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 560. For the past 25 years, this oil has been delivering the right balance of performance, meeting tough operating conditions and achieving cost efficiency in the global aviation industry.
  • AeroShell’s leading Piston Engine Oil and Greases.

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