Coolants for Every Industry

Coolants for Every Industry

What Do Coolants Do For Your Engine?

Whether mother nature brings hot weather or the freezing cold, it is necessary to provide temperature protection for our heavy duty industrial machinery, along with commercial and automotive vehicles. Coolants, otherwise known as antifreeze, protect engines from boiling and overheating. A strong coolant effectively preserves the water pump, head gasket, cylinder, and piston timing by lubricating the mechanical, moving parts it comes into contact with. Keeping your engine functional and efficient starts with having a reliable coolant.

How Do Coolants Work?

Before being fed to the engine block and its components, coolant is stored in a reservoir attached to the radiator of the engine. A liquid cooling system is utilized in combination with the engine coolant. There are numerous aspects to the liquid cooling system:

  • Coolant is circulated by the water pump, often known as a coolant pump.
  • When the coolant heats up, it’s temperature is controlled by the radiator.
  • Radiator hoses link the various components of the cooling system.
  • When the engine isn’t performing properly or is unable to circulate air, the fan pushes it past the radiator.
  • The coolant temperature is controlled by the thermostat.

Coolant flows constantly to the engine and back through the radiator when the engine is operating. After the radiator has cooled, the coolant escapes from the base. It’s then pulled into the water pump, which subsequently pushes it into the engine’s head and block, where it collects excess heat to maintain the engine temperature. The coolant is next recirculated towards the top of the radiator and cooled once again. 

RelaDyne Coolant Solutions

Our superior range of antifreezes and coolants provide unrivaled temperature protection for Heavy Duty Industrial Machinery, as well as Commercial and Automotive Vehicles. RelaDyne offers coolants from best selling brands including: DuraMax, AllFleet, Chevron, and Shell!

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