Keeping you Safe in the Air: AeroShell Does its Part!

Keeping you Safe in the Air: AeroShell Does its Part!

Keeping you Safe in the Air: AeroShell Does its Part!


Keeping you safe in the air: AeroShell does its part!

As AeroShell stewards, we are committed to do our part in educating customers about the safety risks associated with improper product application and not following maintenance guidelines.

Here are a few reminders from AeroShell:

Ask your PEO customers if they have considered the changing season. Check that they are purchasing an appropriate SAE viscosity grade oil. For those in the northern hemisphere, have they inspected their engine before taking the first flight of the new season? If they have not flown in the off-season and their aircraft not pretreated with a preservative such as AeroShell Fluid 2XN, excessive corrosion may hinder engine performance and could ultimately lead to engine failure. They should also check their fuel systems, as water in the tanks and clogged vents can lead to engine failure.

Turbine engine oil (TEO) customers should check regularly with their engine manufacturers to verify that the oil they are purchasing is still suitable for their engine. Service bulletins are frequently updated based on performance in the field. Seal failure in turbine engines can lead to engine fires, so selecting a TEO with good seal compatibility is important.

Remind your customers that clay-thickened greases are not compatible with lithium-complex-thickened greases. They should verify which product is being used in a component before adding fresh grease.

Hydraulic fluids that meet military specifications, such as ASF 41 (MIL-PRF-5606J), are required to be compatible with other products that meet the same specification. However, this compatibility does not consider the performance of the blended products. The additive systems might not work well together, so remind your customers, if they are changing brands, to check the changeover procedures with their OEMs.

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AeroShell manufactures and distributes aircraft fuels and lubricants in addition to providing clients with aviation reliability services. Airports and airlines, both large and small, as well as individual clients such as corporate jet operators and flying clubs, are among our valued customers.

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