Maxum Acquisition Proves to be Synergistic for RelaDyne

Maxum Acquisition Proves to be Synergistic for RelaDyne

Maxum Acquisition Proves to be Synergistic for RelaDyne

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Cincinnati, Ohio, August 14, 2013 – Since purchasing Maxum-Great Lakes/Paulson Oil Company (“Paulson”) of Chesterton, Indiana, in May 2013, RelaDyne, one of the largest providers of lubrication products, fuels, and industrial Field Reliability Management (FRM) services, has capitalized on multiple synergies created through the acquisition and successfully completed integrating its operating companies onto one ERP system.  

On May 23, 2013, the transport and railroad fuel businesses of Maxum Petroleum-Great Lakes (comprised of Hartney Fuel Oil and Paulson Oil Company) were acquired by Mansfield Oil Company, and its lubricants and tank wagon fuel businesses were acquired by RelaDyne.  Since the acquisition, RelaDyne and Paulson have worked together to expand the products and services portfolio that each company brought to the table.  

RelaDyne’s existing Chicago branch (formerly Mid-Town Petroleum) has aided in the expansion of bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to the newly acquired Chesterton location through its current access to DEF by rail car.  Paulson, with a specialization in industrial steel business, can also now provide its industrial clients with RelaDyne’s FRM services, including Fueling Services and PetroClean Solutions such as oil purification, contamination control, and condition monitoring.  

With Paulson’s tank wagon and bobtail fuel business, RelaDyne can bring to its Great Lakes customers fuel products and services, including Paulson’s Fuel Performance Solutions (FPS), performance-based diesel fuel additives that successfully combat the ill effects of ultra-low sulfur diesel on fuel system operability and lubricity.  The Chesterton location has also introduced bulk grease capabilities to RelaDyne’s existing Great Lakes branches.

Internally, in just one month, the Paulson business has been fully integrated into RelaDyne’s business management platform, along with RelaDyne’s other 20 branches located across the central corridor of the US.  The ERP integration began shortly after RelaDyne was formed in November 2010, and has since been completed successfully, a feat few companies like RelaDyne have accomplished.  “We’ve accomplished a tremendous amount of system and business procedural work in a short period of time,” states Jess Brown, Chief IT Officer at RelaDyne.  “I can’t say enough about the amount of hard work and support shown by our associates in IT, at the branches, and at headquarters.  RelaDyne-Paulson is the most recent company to be implemented, and just like the rest of RelaDyne, they embraced the project with a strong work ethic and positive attitude, which contributed to making it one of the smoothest implementations to date.”

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