Advanced Technology For Today's Fleets

Drydene programs provide support to our extensive product line. These programs include Advanced Technology, Equipment Warranties, and Engine Warranties.

Drydene products are guaranteed with an industry-exclusive warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing your equipment is operating efficiently with best-in-class lubricants.


DRYDENE products are built with ALL Technology®, our Advanced Lubricity Life standards. We set the bar high by engineering products that you’ve come to know and trust, while ensuring we stay ahead of the demands of today’s engines and commercial equipment. Here’s what ALL means for you:

  • Advanced additive chemistry exceeding today’s toughest OEM standards
  • Lubricity ensured throughout the entire system with a carefully formulated blend of additives
  • Life extending technology for your equipment


Drydene will replace any Heavy Duty or Industrial lubricant product that breaches this limited warranty. In addition, Drydene will repair or have repaired any equipment damage proven by the PURCHASER to have been directly caused by a breach of this limited warranty; provided that:

  1. The equipment and lubricant was selected and maintained in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations and used under normal operating conditions, and
  2. The PURCHASER maintains proper documentation and records to verify such maintenance and operating conditions, and
  3. That PURCHASER certifies that supplements or other foreign lubricant products have not been added to the Drydene lubricant products used.

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Free warranty with purchase and use of Drydene Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oils, up to 10 years/400,000 miles, or Drydene Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils, up to 10 years/600,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Covers 16 heavy duty diesel engine parts for do-it-yourself and installed customer oil changes. Coverage for repair or replacement of certain heavy duty engine parts that fail on account of engine wear or which experience abnormal wear because Drydene oil failed to provide proper lubrication.

Transferable up to 100,000 miles/2,000 hours (for Class 2 – Class 6) or 500,000 miles/10,000 hours (Class 7 – Class 8).

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