RelaDyne And BioBlend Announce Distribution Agreement: ‘Green’ Lubricants That Boost Performance

RelaDyne And BioBlend Announce Distribution Agreement: ‘Green’ Lubricants That Boost Performance

RelaDyne And BioBlend Announce Distribution Agreement: ‘Green’ Lubricants That Boost Performance

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CINCINNATI, Ohio, Jan. 11, 2011 – RelaDyne, Inc. today announced a distribution agreement with BioBlend, a manufacturer of industrial and commercial lubricants that are high-quality “green” products in demand for boosting equipment reliability in wide-ranging climates and also meeting high environmental standards of responsibility.

Three of the four founding member companies that joined forces to create RelaDyne in November 2010 have experience distributing BioBlend vegetable oil-based lubricants and according to Jeff Hart, executive vice president of business development at RelaDyne, it now will be distributing these “green” lubricants on a far more broader scale to industrial and commercial equipment operators throughout the entire Midwest and Gulf Coast regions.

“This is a good fit for us, as both of our companies are focused on solutions that lead to consistent and optimal equipment performance, operational efficiency and long-term profitability,” Hart said. The BioBlend products are vegetable oil-based solutions that are unaffected by extremes in temperatures, non-toxic and biodegradable.

“Here in Chicago, we were one of the first distributors of BioBlend products,” said Hart, whose former business, Mid-Town Petroleum, is a founding company of RelaDyne. “Green lubricants are viewed as a considerable growth area for RelaDyne because they are a great ‘door opener’ in new niche markets, such as universities, municipalities and enterprises that operate on the water. When these new customers discover our comprehensive array of services and products, including both vegetable-based and petroleum-based lubricants, we frequently become their exclusive provider of equipment-reliability products and services,” he added.

“We’re looking forward to our relationship with RelaDyne, as their strategy is progressive and they’re always looking for new, innovative ways to solve their customers’ equipment-reliability issues, as well as their environmental and regulatory challenges,” said William H. Smith, vice president of finance and operations at BioBlend.

“With our products, industrial machinery and heavy duty commercial equipment can operate effectively in environmentally sensitive working conditions and, as such, even in the event of a lubricant spill there is no negative impact on the environment when using our products,” said Sam Burkett, the CEO of BioBlend. An eight-year-old producer of hydraulic oils, rock drill oils, metal working fluids and greases, BioBlend also is meeting the needs of government entities encouraged to buy products that are safe for the environment and/or foster companies that value promoting environmental measures that they are embracing to be good corporate stewards.

While RelaDyne is just one of about 50 distributors for BioBlend, Burkett and Smith both reported that RelaDyne represents an “exciting opportunity” for their company because of its industry-changing Field Reliability Management services and strategic plans to expand its reach in the industrial and commercial lubricant markets.

About BioBlend

BioBlend, based in Joliet, Ill., offers a signature line of renewable, biobased, and biodegradable products are designed to provide superior lubrication over a broad range of operating conditions. BioBlend’s products are formulated from environmentally responsible chemistries that are produced from renewable resources and designed to assure optimum performance of its customers’ operating systems. BioBlend offers sustainable solutions to industrial and commercial operating challenges by employing innovative lubricant technology that leverages the latest advances in bio-based feed stocks and bio-friendly additives.

BioBlend combines highly stable vegetable base oils with unique additive technologies to create products that provide excellent thermal and oxidative stability while delivering superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection.  The company’s biodegradable and non-toxic formulations are designed to maximize renewable content that meets or exceeds USDA standards for renewable products. For more information, visit

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