High Velocity Oil Flushing

High Velocity Oil Flushing

High Velocity Oil Flushing

HVOF Process

Preventative, Predictive, Emergency HVOF Processes to Protect Your Systems

RelaDyne Reliability Services can help you achieve your goals through our comprehensive on-site inspection plan and HVOF processes. We strive to meet outage‚ turnaround and production schedules‚ for less disruption to your business. 

RelaDyne’s specialized project managers will coordinate with a client’s rebuilding team to ensure flushing needs are met. Customized Job Scope Analyses include:

  • Detailed on-site inspection plans and timelines to meet outage, turnaround, or production schedules
  • Flush plans and criteria for improved performance and reliability
  • Flushing services to perform, including baselines, monitoring, documentation of steps, and after-action reports

Overview of Process

Assist in establishing inspection requirements for lubricant performance and quality assurance.

Establish flush plans

  • Define a successful flush plan criteria
  • Create recommendations for improved performance and reliability

Manage flushing services

  •  Verify flush paths and jumper installation
  • Set up high velocity flush equipment
  • Complete system flushing and related elements
  • Inspect flush screens‚ filters and bags
  • Gather key baseline and related performance data for documentation
  • Monitor system improvements
  • Document the service summary and return on investment for management review

Provide a Service Summary:

  • Details the steps completed
  • Documents performance improvement
  • Supports additional engineering recommendations to enhance system reliability
  • Recommends routines such as regular Oil System Preventive Maintenance

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Before HVOF: ISO Particle Count 24/23/21

After HVOF: ISO Particle Count 15/13/11

Dirty System Before Flush

Clean System After Flush

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