Oil Purification

Oil Purification

Mobile Reclamation Units

Oil Reclamation Services and Equipment Rentals from RelaDyne’s line of services. Cost-effective‚ efficient and environmentally friendly. More reasons why RelaDyne Reliability Services keeps you Up and Running.

Reliability Services provides cost-effective green solutions for facility oil reclamation‚ as well as reclamation equipment rentals‚ through our on-site reliability services. You receive bottom-line benefits from our abilities to:

  • Reduce new lubricant and quench oil purchases
  • Support sustainability through lubricant conversion
  • Decrease disposal expenses
  • Diminish environmental exposure and liability
  • Guarantee your oil cleanliness specifications are met

Leakage Oil Reclamation

Sometimes it’s not practical to repair or control oil leaks if continued production depends on the subject equipment. RelaDyne Reliability Service‘s oil reclamation method of collecting and segregating leakage oil improves your ability to restore the leaked lubricant for continued use. On-site waste oil is collected in dedicated storage via segregated waste streams and then purified by our experienced technicians. We work with your facility personnel to:

  • Identify high-lubricant use areas for reclamation
  • Establish proper segregation‚ handling practices and purification using a variety of methods:
  • First and second stage filtration
    • Centrifugal separation
    • Vacuum dehydration
    • Polishing filtration
    • On-site analysis
  • Create lubrication cleanliness/condition guidelines to ensure suitability for continued use
  • Complete and verify that guidelines are met to your oil cleanliness specifications
  • Document the performance benefits

Environmental Benefits

Reliability Services helps you stay ahead of the environmental curve through continuous review of EPA and safety regulations. We make you aware of the latest updates as they apply to your specific operation. And we carry extensive liability insurance.

Even if it is not practical or possible to slow down critical systems that need repair until the next scheduled outing‚ RelaDyne Reliability Services can offer you a short- or long-term purification skid rental to help you continue operating while addressing harmful contamination issues.

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