Spring Car Maintenance Equals Profit & Reliability

Spring Car Maintenance Equals Profit & Reliability

Spring Car Maintenance

The snow is melting, the temperatures are inching up, and the winter effects on cars is giving way for Spring maintenance needs. As customer’s start venturing into the warmer weather and heading south for Spring Break, they will need you to service their car. Winter is the downfall of many vehicles, uncovering ignition issues, low battery charge, and blower motor malfunctions. These fixes are usually easy for you, but they’re a pocket drainer and an inconvenience for your customers. As their cars emerge from the cold weather resilient and ready for a new season, it’s important to help undo the damage of the cold and ensure vehicle reliability for your customers.

Consider offering a Spring maintenance package where your customers bring in their vehicles for services such as a routine oil change, battery check, windshield washer solvent refill, wiper blade replacement, air conditioning check, and more.

Not only will this package deal save your customer time in doing each service on their own or at various times in your office, but it gives you an opportunity to differentiate from other quick lubes. Another plus is the profit you stand to gain. The more services you can provide your customer, the more they will depend on you for their car care needs. Being the one-stop-shop garners you more loyal customers as well as develops a camaraderie as their trusted adviser for their vehicle.

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