RelaDyne Ag Products Can Help You “Beet” Equipment Breakdowns

RelaDyne Ag Products Can Help You “Beet” Equipment Breakdowns

RelaDyne Ag Products Can Help You “Beet” Equipment Breakdowns

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As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” That goes for any purchase in life, but especially when it comes to purchasing essential products for your tractor and ag equipment. As the Agriculture Season is blossoming in front of us, it is important to make sure your equipment is running with reliability and excellence by using specific oil that is best fit for your machinery. According to a recent Shell study, 58% of farmers acknowledge that their lubrication errors have led to unplanned downtime, and 86% of farmers have experienced unplanned equipment breakdown, both which can be extremely costly. However, selecting the right lubricant and managing it correctly can help reduce downtime and cost of maintenance. This article dives into some great products that will best serve your equipment during these productive months. 

Shell Products

Nils Richardt, Shell Lubricants Product Application Specialist, assures “a reliable, high-performing universal transmission oil helps simplify maintenance procedures, while still giving the peace of mind that equipment will be protected for longer. All of this can help customers to improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.” A great universal transmission oil (UTTO) used to combat those costly lubrication errors is the Shell Spirax S4 TXM. This revolutionary product is crafted to protect equipment against wear, with high shear stability and antioxidants to deliver long-lasing performance. Shell Spirax S4 TXM is formulated, tested, and recommended specifically for agriculture equipment.


The right engine oil is also necessary for your tractor’s seamless operation, keeping the machine lubricated and cool. Dirty oil can lead to engine replacement during high-potential months, and downtime means significant loss in profit. RelaDyne offers full synthetic and synthetic blends of ALLFLEET HD Engine Oils. Two popular products that customers love are the ALLFLEET HD Synthetic 15W-40, and ALLFLEET HD Synthetic Blend 15W-40. The benefits of the full synthetic provide the best cold temperature performance, superior extended drain capabilities, and meets or exceeds the requirements of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). The synthetic blend is specifically engineered to meet the latest requirements for EGR and EGP engines. 

ALLFLEET Hydraulic Oils

Tractor Supply Co. symbolizes hydraulic oil as the lifeblood of the hydraulic system, as the oil travels through a filter that collects impurities. Selecting the right one for your tractor will ensure effective disbursement of power. ALLFLEET AW Hydraulic Oil (32, 46, 68) is a high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oil blending from superior quality base stocks. This product offers excellent hydraulic stability in the presence of water and will not contribute to the formation of corrosive reactants or metal-etching. ALLFLEET AW Hydraulic Oils also provide superior antifoam protection, rust protection, and thermal stability. 

Farmers only have a quarter of a year to harvest. Every day needs to be maximized and used to its fullest potential. Creating the perfect arsenal of products that are right for your needs is imperative for a successful harvest season. Give your tractor the care it needs for a promising season!

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