Hurricane Season: Generator Prep Tips to Stay Operational

Hurricane Season: Generator Prep Tips to Stay Operational

Hurricane Season: Generator Prep Tips to Stay Operational

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As we approach what experts call an “above average” hurricane season, it’s important to evaluate your power failure contingency plan. Does your business need to remain operational during landfall? How can you properly prepare your business with a generator so that it may continue operating during inclement hurricane weather?

Hurricane winds and rain often lead to indeterminate time frames of power failure. By investing in a generator, you will be able to maintain power for essential parts of your business. However, it’s not enough to purchase the generator and leave it in the corner until it’s ready to be used. You will need to prepare your generator for maximum productivity and sustainability during bad weather.

  1. Make sure the size of your generator matches your power needs.
  2. Store and operate the generator in an area where it the least likely to be affected area from weather conditions.
  3. Perform regular maintenance on the generator to ensure it is ready to operate at 100% capacity when needed.
  4. Maintain supply of fuel to run the generator and know where to get more quickly if you run out.
  5. Establish a list of the top priority power needs within your facility and make sure the essential equipment can be directly plugged into a generator to decrease safety risk associated with extension cords.

By instituting a plan for hurricane weather, you will be able to use your proactivity to your advantage when the time comes. While your plan may need extensive work on the frontend, you will experience less stress and avoid catastrophic outage of your facility.

Contact RelaDyne today for more information on how we can make sure you’re prepared for hurricane weather. We have the resources necessary to keep your business up and running.

Our KeepFull generator program gives you peace of mind that you will be taken care of. As soon as your generator is activated, when notified, we dispatch a fueler to monitor and maintain proper fuel levels. Will experience no service fee for this or subsequent deliveries until normal operations are restored. You only pay for the fuel dispensed for your generator, not the time involved regardless of the duration of the event.

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