The Future of Fleet Performance

The Future of Fleet Performance

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2023 is here! With a new year comes new opportunity for advancements in technology and performance in the commercial Industry. Here is what you can expect to see in the fleet industry this year and the near future!

These last couple of years have brought unique struggles to the trucking industry. High fuel costs, supply chain issues, staffing shortages, and of course a global pandemic, are just a few areas that the industry is still recovering from. As the industry evolves, experts are beginning to acknowledge areas of opportunity to enhance fleet performance. Whether that means establishing methods of reducing fuel costs, optimizing route procedures, implementing sustainable practices, meeting government regulation or ensuring safer operations, there is very obviously room for growth as a whole. Be sure to keep an eye out for developments in commercial fuels, oils, and other products that you need to run successfully.

What’s to Come? 

Fleets are considering all components that will allow them to better manage their operations. Here are a few topics that are top of mind going in to 2023:

  • Zero-Emission Vehicles. The discussion of alternative fueled vehicles has been a huge topic of discussion recently and fleets will start to make decisions on what this means for them and how they will get there…and when.
  • Data Tracking. Data collection is more important than ever. With advanced hardware and software, fleets will be optimizing collected data to better define goals and timelines, utilize preventative maintenance and more! 
  • Emergency Service Preparedness. Natural disasters seem to be more of a common occurrence each year. Fleets will invest in emergency preparedness operations such as risk management solutions and reduced methods of asset damage. 

Drydene Recommended Products  

We offer a range of products including commercial fuels, hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, heavy duty antifreeze and more delivering ultimate performance through our expertly formulated products and expanded delivery network.

drydene drum tote pail

Drydene Commercial products keep drivers on time and on the road safely. 

DRYDENE DIESELALL® DEF: Premium mixture of 32.5% ultra-pure urea and 67.5% deionized water designed for use in Tier 4 and previous generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission systems. It meets all requirements of the ISO 22241-1 specification. Benefits include: 

  • Colorless, non-flammable and non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Reduce the level of harmful NOx emissions and particulate matter
  • Improve fuel economy 

DRYDENE DIESELALL® HD 40W: Premium low ash engine oils designed for use in older model diesel engines in both on-highway and off-highway applications as well as hydraulic systems requiring a high-zinc 40W engine oil. Benefits include: 

  • Detergent and dispersant additives help maintain engine cleanliness, suppress varnishing and aids in suspension of soot and contaminants in the oil
  • Robust anti-wear additives help extend regular drain intervals and overall engine life even in high operating temperature applications
  • Dual-purpose performance in both crankcase and hydraulic systems

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