Spring Lubrication

Spring Lubrication

spring lubrication

Let’s talk Spring Lubrication! Although Spring is officially in full bloom, it isn’t the season of the year that we are talking about. 

Springs are critical components in industrial equipment. When used, springs often offer support, suspension and storing & absorbing of energy. With such critical functions, they need to be lubricated properly to perform efficiently. Each spring has a different application and function. This can include precision automotive, torque spring, garage door spring, and more, so a good place to start would be to consider what the spring is doing to understand how to lubricate properly.

Choosing the Right Lubricant 

The ultimate goal of lubricants for springs is to control corrosion, provide wear protection, and overall help them operate effectively. It can be said that springs share some of the same characteristics as an open gear when we think of how to diagnose the right lubricant. They both operate at high load, very low speed, and are variable to extreme temperatures. So, even though you will not see “Spring Greases” as a general product from lubricant manufacturers, you can compare it as an open gear lubricant. 

Start with the following products:

  • General-Purpose Grease: Best with a higher-than-normal base oil viscosity, and a lithium complex.
  • Moly Grease: Best for shock loading.

Recommended Products  

We may think that an oil is typically best for lubrication, and in most circumstances, this may be correct. However, greases can be used in applications where an oil shouldn’t be used. RelaDyne offers a wide variety of OEM-approved and industry recommended greases from world-class brands suitable for use in heavy duty commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

Discover the Power of Greases:

  • Drydene Retraplex® Onyx 5% Moly EP 2: Severe-duty lithium complex grease fortified with extreme pressure, load protecting and tackifying additives to provide extended protection to off-road, construction, mining and agricultural equipment that require extended shock loading protection.
  • Chevron Ultra-Duty HD 0, 1, 2 Greases: Versatile, high-pressure greases with good adhesive properties. Performs and protects against wear and corrosion in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications, even in water, mud or dusty conditions. 

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