Top 3 Areas of Your Facility That Need a Comprehensive Sanitation Routine

Top 3 Areas of Your Facility That Need a Comprehensive Sanitation Routine

Top 3 Areas of Your Facility That Need a Comprehensive Sanitation Routine

Now more than ever, businesses across the US are looking to establish a new normal in the way that business is handled in the environment of COVID-19. This new normal affects everyday employee operations and even the way business transactions occur. One distinct aspect of everyday business in the forefront is an effective cleaning and sanitation routine.

A pandemic makes a business’ cleaning and sanitation procedures everyone’s concern. Not only a business manager’s top concern, but also any potential, current customer and employees of that business.

There are three main areas in your facility that demand a comprehensive sanitation and cleaning routine:

Office Equipment

Think about the number of hands that are touching your office equipment every hour of every business day. Keyboards, printers, staplers, desks and tabletops are all germ breeding grounds.

The best way to clean these items is to spray an effective cleaning solution, such as, Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner Degreaser on a cleaning rag and wipe away everyday dirt and grime. Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner Degreaser is noncorrosive, water based and even approved for food service facilities making it the perfect solution for your office equipment.

Once dirt and particles are wiped away, surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. In fact, keep your employees’ areas extra clean by giving each of them a container of disinfectant wipes that they can use throughout the day to wipe after they have used equipment in the office. This will ensure that germs and pathogens that cause sickness, like COVID-19, don’t have an opportunity to infect.

Lobby or Customer Service Areas

If you have a lobby or common area that serves your customers face to face, it’s important to clean all items commonly touched throughout the day. These include chairs, countertops, coffee makers, and more.

Cleaning and disinfecting must be done multiple times a day to be effective, as many people can cycle in and out of a lobby in a short amount of time. It can be overwhelming to disinfect after each customer leaves your business, but an hourly routine can considerably cut down on the harmful germs that coat surfaces.

Use a product such as Oil Eater® All Purpose Multi Surface Cleaner to penetrate cracks and difficult to reach textured surfaces. Wipe away the dirt with a cloth and follow up with disinfectant. Disinfectant spray should be sprayed often throughout the lobby to kill harmful pathogens that may be airborne.

Additionally, make sure to offer hand sanitizers throughout the lobby, which serve as a gentle reminder to your customers and employees to sanitize often.


Whether you are a quick lube garage or an industrial plant, you most likely have hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of equipment that are used every day to perform the functions of your business. Heavy machinery, oil drums, and more demand a cleaning routine of their own.

These items can be more difficult to clean as residue from various sources can build up on the surfaces. Oil Eater® Cleaner & Degreaser is an effective product that penetrates hard to clean dirt and grime, while also cleaning the surface below.

The task of cleaning and sanitation is daunting if you don’t have a plan and the necessary products in place to perform. RelaDyne is the partner you need to develop an effective and efficient cleaning and sanitation routine to protect your business.

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