Grupo Lucalza

Grupo Lucalza

Grupo Lucalza

A RelaDyne Company since March 2023
Grupo Lucalza

In March 2023, RelaDyne announced the acquisition of Grupo Lucalza of Latin America.

Grupo Lucalza was founded in 1982 and has an impressive 40-year history of providing unmatched lubricants, fuels, filters, batteries, and tire distribution services to the automotive, commercial, and industrial markets in Latin America. Grupo Lucalza operates in six countries with more than 750 employees. Recognized as one of the largest distributors of Chevron lubricants in the world, Lucalza has extended its geographic reach to several countries in the region, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Imporfil, a Grupo Lucalza subsidiary in Mexico, distributes lubricants, greases, antifreeze, and filters, covering a diverse set of industries in 12 states with 19 branches. Texpetrol is a Grupo Lucalza company in Guatemala that distributes bulk fuels for aviation, retail, and industrial sectors.

“We are thrilled to become a part of RelaDyne,” commented Guillermo Méndez, CEO of Grupo Lucalza. “This partnership will allow Grupo Lucalza to learn about the best practices in operation, commercialization, and services, strengthening and further developing the territories we currently operate in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, serving as a platform for future growth for our associates, customers, and strategic supply partners.”

“Grupo Lucalza’s business relationship with RelaDyne complements our existing structure,” said Leonel Morales, former owner of Grupo Lucalza. “Becoming a part of RelaDyne, our capabilities are strengthened, as we now have the support and added capabilities that RelaDyne offers to the market, while continuing to grow and provide exceptional customer service to our long-time, loyal customers.”

“The combination of Grupo Lucalza with RelaDyne will make us both stronger, growing our presence in our respective markets and influence on the industry. We will continue to seek continuous development and the pursuit of excellence,” said Walter Kushiek, former owner of Grupo Lucalza.

“Lucalza’s partnership with RelaDyne aligns with our founding partners’ core values and principles. We are convinced that excellent times are ahead and that as a team, we will continue to reach and surpass all the goals we set for ourselves,” added Juan Carlos Flores, former owner of Texpetrol.

“This is an extremely exciting time at Lucalza as we begin our partnership with RelaDyne. RelaDyne’s culture, values, and commercial strategy align with our 40-year dedicated commitment as a distributor of lubricants and automotive services, as we seek to continually exceed our customers’ expectations and push ourselves to be the leader in the market. Our relationship with Chevron, our mutual commitment to sustained growth, and the addition of RelaDyne’s industrial reliability services create an unmatched value proposition to our customers.”

Guillermo Méndez, CEO of Grupo Lucalza

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