4 Ways DuraMAX Can Increase Profits & Customer Loyalty

4 Ways DuraMAX Can Increase Profits & Customer Loyalty

4 Ways DuraMAX Can Increase Profits & Customer Loyalty

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For many, car maintenance is a chore. Car repairs are rarely included in the household budget, as many are unpredictable. You can’t predict what may go wrong with your customers’ cars until they are in your shop. Even then, the way they take care of their vehicle has a lot to do with the longevity of it.

Check out these 4 ways our DuraMAX products can help your shop increase your profits and create customer loyalty:

1. Cost Effective

The DuraMAX line of products are easy to budget for and even easier to depend on. They add tremendous value to your customers as they seek affordable car maintenance at your expert recommendation. The quality and variety of the DuraMAX family of products will keep your customers’ vehicles in tip top shape.

2. A Product to Suit Every Need

DuraMAX offers Synthetic Blend Oils, High Mileage and Full Synthetic Oils, and a full range of ancillary products – everything you need to maintain vehicles properly and with quality. Offering a wide range of products enables your customers to recognize the brand equity of the DuraMAX products and trust in the product to service their car properly.

3. Service Certificate Program

The Service Certificate Program is designed specifically for DuraMAX Installers. As your customers purchase a DuraMAX oil change, they will receive a DuraMAX service certificate redeemable by mail with an online redemption process coming soon. Once your customer has mailed in the certificate, they will receive a check payable to you, the installer, towards their next service. This program will increase your customer retention and creates higher profit potential for your shop as you receive money back on your customer’s behalf. Your customer’s will always qualify for the certificate each time they bring their vehicle in for a DuraMAX oil change.

4. Engine Warranty Program

The DuraMAX Liquid Armor Engine Warranty is a 10-year, 300,000 mile warranty created by RelaDyne that your customers can sign up and qualify for. The warranty program requires your customer to continue using DuraMAX oils in order to maintain the warranty. RelaDyne sends follow-up emails on your behalf to your customers every 3 months to remind them of their next DuraMAX oil change. This is a great program that requires little effort from you and creates great value for your customer as well as retention and profit potential for your shop.  

 Replacement wiper blades, spare oil to keep in the garage, etc. These are all important products for maintaining a vehicle. Offering affordable and reliable options along with promotions your customers can take advantage of will go a long way in convincing your customers to come to you for their car maintenance needs.

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