DuraMAX Powered By RelaDyne Ranks on 2018 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey

DuraMAX Powered By RelaDyne Ranks on 2018 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey

DuraMAX Powered By RelaDyne Ranks on 2018 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey

DuraMAX, the premier aftermarket automotive brand of RelaDyne, celebrates its latest success in the automotive industry as it ranks in the 2018 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey.

DuraMAX, the 10-year-old motor oil brand, has rocketed to success among major oil brands as the recommended choice for its performance and profitability.

The NOLN Fast Lube Operator survey, taken predominantly by managers and owners of automotive installers, ranked DuraMAX among other leading brands in the marketplace. Best-selling synthetics, synthetic-blends, high mileage oils, and automotive filters were surveyed.

DuraMAX took five percent of the market for best-selling synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils. Additionally, DuraMAX ranked for best-selling oil filter with eight percent of the market. For best-selling Air and Cabin Air Filters, DuraMAX came in at nine percent of the market.

“Seeing DuraMAX ranked among industry veterans solidifies the major growth DuraMAX has accomplished over the past 10 years in market,” said DuraMAX Manager, Bob Johnson. “We have no plans of slowing down in our quest to make DuraMAX the choice motor oil for automotive installers across the country.”

“RelaDyne has positioned DuraMAX perfectly for the automotive installer seeking Trusted Technology and Proven Performance,” said Dan Oehler, RelaDyne VP Sales & Marketing. “Our installers instantly gain a competitive edge enhancing their profitability once they switch to DuraMAX. Our national market share in NOLN absolutely solidifies DuraMAX’s position and impact in the market.”

“RelaDyne has invested substantially into the value DuraMAX brings to the marketplace and our business,” said RelaDyne President and CEO, Larry Stoddard. “Not only has DuraMAX grown with RelaDyne’s footprint, the brand has won traction in the market by winning new customers.  RelaDyne will continue to invest into the technology and profitability that DuraMAX brings to our valued customers and business.”

In addition to DuraMAX automotive products, RelaDyne provides commercial and industrial lubricants and lubrication and equipment services to more than 53,000 clients based on a foundation of partnerships as a true, trusted advisor.

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