Flamingo Oil

Flamingo Oil

About Us

RelaDyne – Flamingo Oil provides a full line of bulk and packaged engine oils. As well as many other commonly stocked automotive service items. Flamingo delivers Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in all packages.

Flamingo began to serve the Miami automotive market in 1930. Back then our motto was “through service we grow” & we have! We have served thousands of customers large and small in dozens of industries. Our trucks deliver to businesses from Key West to Vero Beach and from Naples to Cape Coral.  We’ve grown because of you, our customer. Thank You!


  • Information is open and available.  Nothing is hidden. Nothing is misleading.
  • Communications are consistent and reliable.
  • Professionalism is evident in the conduct of employees at all levels of the company


  • Products are what they describe themselves as.  No false advertising.
  • What we deliver is pure and unadulterated.  Just like the day it was manufactured.
  • Flamingo has contracts with respected national brands and manufacturers.
  • We do not compromise quality just to save money.
  • Our processes have checks and balances in place.  If something is wrong it will be fixed.


  • Our fleet is large and our routes are frequent.  We will be in your area soon.
  • Our employees have tenure and experience.  We know what we are doing.
  • Our processes are systematic and repeatable. Mistakes are rare.

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